"Kodak Disc Camera: Kodak Disc 4000"Kodak Disc 4000

The most easily recognised of the Kodak disc cameras, the Kodak Disc 4000 has a four element glass lens f/2.8 12.5mm focusing from 1.2m to infinity.  Automatic exposure.  Push-button shutter.  Shutter speeds 1/200 sec f/6 in daylight and 1/100 sec f/2.8 with flash.

Further features: Automatic film advance.  Sliding lens cover.  Black and silver with yellow marking. Powered by a 6v lithium battery.  Weight 180g.

Variation: some 4000 cameras are known to exist with the logo “photokina koln ’82”. 

Despite the large numbers of retail sales of this camera, it remains enduringly popular with collectors.  Perhaps this is because it was the best known and is remembered with nostalgia. 

It has held its used price at £3-9/US$5-15 for the last ten years and this would be its current average estimated value.  Average estimated value of the Photokina variation: £30-90/US$60-150.

Acknowledgement: copyrighted information from the “Guide to the 1980’s Disc Camera” included here with the permission of the author.